31 Day Prayer Challenge

Praying for your family

These apps are for Mike Leake's "31 Day Challenges" seen on Facebook and mikeleake.net.

This is a challenge for us to pray for our families for 31 days and help you put a FACE on praying for them:

  • Focus — I need to know what specifically to pray or I’ll just keep praying the same things over and over again.
  • Accountability — I need a group to keep me accountable and remind me daily to passionately pray.
  • Challenge — I need to be challenged to go deeper in the way that I pray. A community of others praying will help shape my prayers.
  • Encouragement — Sometimes we pray for things and God’s answer is slower than we like. We need encouragement to keep praying.

Share your progress and encourage others on Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more at Mike Leake's website, Borrowed Light.

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The 31 Day Prayer Challenges are available as eBooks, Facebook Groups, and apps for iOS and Android. These are great for sharing with others.

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